An idle Mind is The Devils Workshop

It is true that an idle mind is the devils workshop, young as he may seem he knows more that the number of his age. Peter is a friend of mine whom I have known for quiet sometime.

When I came to know him it was through a certain event that was taking place in our estate, he being one of the organizers. This event was all about the awareness of drug abuse in our society. We have shared a lot with him.

Mostly issues concerning life. I found that e such a good friend. Years passed on .it came this time that he was retrenched from his workplace and he had no one to turn to. The worst thing is that he was an orphan. The next thing to do after sometime he joined the gangs at home so as to be able to cater for his needs.

I remember one evening I was coming from town and I happened to be stuck by traffic so I arrived home late. As I was just some miles from our home I saw two men in front and immediately my conscious suspected something wrong was about to happen. As I we passed each other one them greeted me and it was after a while that I found myself down on the floor struggling with this two guys’.

I heard a familiar voice, to my surprise it was peter. When I called him he was so shocked and he immediately ordered his fellow to leave me. He even escorted me home while apologizing for what has just happened.

He explained to me why he has engaged himself in such behaviours.through this entire story I was only sympathizing with him me being of no help to him.

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Death Hurts

A neighbour of mine called Jane who is 20yrs of age, is the first brn in a family of 6. Her mother passed on, when she was in class 5, then after 2 years, his father too passed on.

Being the eldest, she was forced provide for her siblings who had no one to look upon for their daily needs

Jane found it difficult to attend classes at the same time hussle for her siblings, hence dropped out of school She would collect plastic containers from rubbish bins and sell them back to recycling companies known as, ‘Manyala,’ she would make ksh.70 per day. Atleast this would enable her afford one meal per day for her siblings.

 The day she attained 18 years, she tried looking for a better job, but still couldn’t get as a result of her being a school dropout, this mede har be a househelp, where she would earn ksh. 3,500 per month, to feed her siblings, hoping that things would be better in the near future.



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My name is Laura Wairimu, 19 years old. I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I am the first born in a family of 3 and was brought up by a single mother. Being raised from a humble background has helped in motivating me to strive and work harder to better my future.

My future dream is to become a professional accountant and I have already started working to wards this by persuing a certificate in accounts. James Mwangi, Equity Bank, C.E.O has always been my role model, since he started from a humble beginning and he is now someone worth emulaing.

We as youths in the community, we came up with an association, which enables us to share ideas together, which has been a great source of empowerment in working towards various goals.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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